The legend of KatKat soaps

KatKat Soaps were born in a dream existing in the lands of Wonderland on Planet Earth. Here, all things are possible and fueled with a magical touch of inspiration and imagination. 

From the beginning, we strive to bring you the most enjoyable bathing experience by combining eco-friendly organic ingredients. Our all-natural Soaps are a fusion of special vegetable oils and exotic butters that hydrate your skin and body with a unique silky softness. 

Each bar contains antibacterial properties that promote healthy skin while maintaining a fresh feeling that is chemical-free. It is our mission to provide superior products that are mini works of art. We take great pride in everything we make using recycled materials keeping our impact as green as possible. As a special treat, every bar is blended with love and blessed and infused with healing sound bowls and Reiki, the traditional Japanese technique that stimulates healing through energy.

About the maker

Hi, my name is Kathleen Vinny and I am the creator of KatKat. 

This project started in 2015 in Miami, in my kitchen, when I made my first soap with organic coconut oil, olive oil, and oatmeal.

My husband and I brainstormed for days until we came up with the idea of making soaps that were gentle and natural, made with wholesome ingredients. 

We studied books, practiced methods, experimented with new recipes, and listened to our client’s feedback. KatKat soaps are made only with natural, safe and pure ingredients, avoiding toxic ingredients like fragrance and chemicals that are commonly found in handmade and commercial soaps.

As green as possible

Being an urban gardener allows me to grow my own plants that are used in our soap-making process.

After 7 years, the company has extended to other holistic products and services that provide balance in our daily lives.

Our mission is to combine the tools needed to live centered and healthy, mind, body and spirit!